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      Any suggestions how to obtain land line service in Cuenca, and average rates for domestic & calls to US?

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      Contact ETAPA, they are the only ones that can hook you up for a land line. Very cheap for local calls, very expensive for international calls. Cell phone is so much better for local calls. There are many ways to call internationally for a fair price – magic jack, skype, etc.

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      peace seeker

      I have CNT and don’t live in Cuenca. The service seemed ok until I tried to get out of the contract after four years of internet and land line phone service. That is when the problems begin. I went into their office first of June and asked for service to be taken out the end of the month this year. I was told they would only do so when I paid the June bill. Went in July first to pay the bill but it is not ready until the sixth of the month. Came back on the sixth to pay the bill and I was told they needed a formal letter from me and a copy of my cedula in order to cancel the service. Gave them that the 7th of July. They finally gave me a form to fill out asking for the service to be cancelled. Assuring me they would pull the phone out of the house I had vacated the 30th of June.

      One the 12the of July I get a call, they will not cancel the phone service because I now owe them for the month of July and so I must pay the bill for the month of July, August 6th of course, and then they will cancel the service. You can guess what will happen August 12th. I’ll get a call telling me I must pay August’s phone bill. Because they were not able to cancel in time in August. . . so it goes. Get a contract for a phone with CNT and you have to pay for life I guess. All because they can’t have their bills ready on the first of each month, or before. I was going to have their service in my new home but since cancelling is so difficult I have decided to do without it. For good. I think they keep you hooked up for as long as they can even though they know that you are out of the house and it is not in use. As long as they can get you to pay and play their game they refuse to disconnect you it seems. Save yourself a lot of grief and don’t get a land line. I hate cell phones but after this experience in trying to cancel I won’t have a land line here again.

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