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      I want to give a big shout-out on behalf of Giovanna Rivera, an Investment Officer at the CREA office located at Jaime Roldos and Av. Huayna Capac([email protected]).

      She has handled 4 or 5 transactions for me, but the last one took quite an effort on her part. I was trying to  wire funds from one investment through another to the CREA office. There was a problem with a security code and other supposedly needed information. Finally, fairly exasperated, Giovanna took the bull by the horns, wrote a detailed letter to the first company and faxed it thereto. The fax was read by a rational individual and the transaction was put through.

      I was so happy that I had a large cake made and delivered to her. She, in turn,was so happy, that she ate the whole thing.

      If you are looking to make a CD Investment, give her a shout. You cannot go wrong


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