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      Jerry Anderson

      I highly recommend Kathy Gonzalez of Cuenca Real Estate. Kathy helped us deal with a very complicated, lengthy purchase of property through a probate sale of a deceased Canadian’s property. As the complications and time grew, Kathy consistently worked through the problems in conjunction with our Cuenca attorney and kept us fully informed. She also encouraged us when we became frustrated with the Ecuadorian bureaucracy. After more than two years, the purchase was completed. Kathy did not disappear, as many agents do once their commission is paid. She has helped us retain contractors, buy furniture and appliances, open a bank account and helped us get settled in Cuenca. Kathy has been not only a business associate, but also a good friend over the years. She speaks excellent English and seems to know everyone in town! We highly recommend dealing with Kathy for your real estate needs.

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