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      Louis Bourgeois

      The OASIS Center for Conscious Living offers
      A Presentation and Discussion on the Evolution of Consciousness
      Friday June 9, 10am-3pm

      The morning session is the expression of the life work of Louis Bourgeois on the evolution of consciousness.  He will describe this evolution in what Carolyn Myss calls the tribal mind, the egoic mind, and the spiritual (global) mind.  Specifically his 40+ year study has focused on the principle of acceleration in the century from 1932 to 2032, the focus of his book The Third Pulse.  Of particular interest to expat North Americans is the prophecy about the eagle flying with the condor, and what this means for the future of our planet.  Also his talk will help those same expats understand and appreciate the local culture and see why the integration of our two cultures is the basis of the evolution of “the new earth.”  Lastly Louis will introduce the work of the late Terrence McKenna, a North American ethnobotanist who brought awareness of ayahuasca to the world.  Particularly vital to our topic is McKenna’s work integrating the ancient wisdom of the I Ching with the Mayan calendar prophecy.
      Luncheon at 12: soup or salad; entree; dessert
      The afternoon session is the expression of the life work of Lynn Juanes.  She describes her presentation in this way:
      Why are we about to enter a heightened state of consciousness?  What is the mechanism behind its rise?  After a lifetime of gathering data to understand religious mythology utilizing a more pragmatic, scientific view, the answers to these questions and others finally revealed themselves.  Much of the answer lies in those outside, invisible forces that bombard us each moment of every day, silently molding and shaping us and our immediate reality in ways that can go mostly undetected by the naked eye.  Our ancient ancestors knew and understood this mechanism, which they preserved and passed along for the enlightenment of future generations within their respective mythologies, and which we have also come to understand today through our own scientific investigations.   We will lightly touch upon how the answer to these questions can help us understand some of the dogma/language revealed to us by the Bible, Mayan/South American mythologies, Chinese I Ching, Indian Vedic tradition and even the Zodiac.   We will also lightly touch upon how the scientific work of present day scientists/physicists/mathematicians such as Paul Laviolette and Benoit Mandelbrot align with these ancient mythologies.  How will this rise in consciousness affect us?  This discussion will end in highlighting both the ramifications and benefits of this change.
      Reservations are required. Group size limited. $10 for the day including lunch. Details on the event and luncheon can be found at the Facebook page for The OASIS Center for Conscious Living: Ecuador or by writing to us at [email protected]

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