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      These boards are 4.75” (12 cm) wide x 5/8” (1.5 cm) thick. They were stained and used in the ceiling of a house for a very short time. The were attached with one inch finishing nails, which were too short and is why the boards had to be taken down. The finishing nails were carefully pulled from the backside of the boards.

      All lengths are approximate (to within an inch or two).

      (28) x 9’ (108”) = 252 linear feet
      (231) x 8’2” (98”) = 1,886.5 linear feet
      (27) x 5’2” (62”) = 139.5 linear feet
      (38) x 4’4” (52”) = 164.6 linear feet

      For a total of 2442.6 linear feet, which given their four inch exposed surface (after the tongue and groove are mated) would cover 814 square feet (or 75 square meters).

      I’ve been told by a mill operator they are worth as much as $900 here even stained and cut. Selling for $250 or best offer.

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