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      Due to our changing economy here in Ecuador we are happy to announce a price drop at Bernan’s .Between our wonderful friends returning jars to us and our suppliers prices going
      down we deemed it only fair to adjust our prices as well.

      We will have a new product list available June 5th with our new prices. We have also decided to
      discontinue some of our not so popular items. The jars of discontinued items we have in stock right now will be discounted as well and taken off the price list as we sell out. If they just happen
      to be a favorite of yours … no problem…you can always special order them.

      Bernie and I take great pride in all of our products. We work very hard in the kitchen bringing these products to you and try to keep our prices low. We also listen to our friends, when you ask
      us to try to make something that you miss from home, we research for a recipe and try to get it right even if it takes a lot of trial and error. Sometimes no matter what we do it just can’t be done.
      Remember we don’t use any chemicals or flavor enhancers.

      Look for our new prices on Facebook ( just click on MENU) June 5th or you can call or email me for a new price list.

      As always we look forward to seeing you soon!
      Bernie & Nancy

      0967146265 [email protected]

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