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      Joe Dockery

      Considering retiring from US chiropractic practice of 37 years but interested in working part time in Cuenca. Do any of you have a sense as to the need for such a service?

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      There are a few chiropractors here already and I have used several. I would say “yes”, there still is a need for chiropractors in Cuenca, since there really are not very many and those here seem to be quite busy. But before you make any decisions, you should come down here and check the situation out for yourself.

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        Joseph Dockery

        Bobette, thank you for your response. Yes, we have a trip planned in March. Joe

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      Manya Arond-Thomas

      There is definitely a need for more chiropractors as there are just a few now, particularly if you offer a variety of technique (personally I wish there were a chiropractor here who could offer NUCCA).

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        Joseph Dockery

        Manya, I do utilize a number of techniques including Orthospinology which is a hybrid of the NUCCA technique.

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      Lawrence Tirino

      Ask ten expats about Ecuador and you will get ten different answers. There is an Ecuadorian Chiropractic Association although I dont think that any of the chiros in Cuenca have bothered to join. There are a few professional legal issues that you should be aware of. I would strongly advise you to talk with someone who has been here in the 15 to 20 year range to understand what is a complex situation.

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        Joseph Dockery

        Lawrence, this is great advice, and yes, I definitely will be doing my homework including contacting the Ecuadorian Chiropractic Association. Thank you for your response. Joe

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