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      Hi There!

      Whether you’ve recently made the big move to Ecuador or you’ve been here for a while, chances are…

      You’re getting a lot more physical activity than your body may be used to
      The stress of your former life is still deeply ingrained in your mind and body

      You’ve never before had the time or resources to really focus on your mental and physical health
      If you have physical pain, are now ready to prioritize your health, or would simply like to understand more about how your body works and how to quiet your mind, this retreat is for you!

      We’ll explore:

      What it takes to heal
      How to move your body
      How to get your connective tissue to relax
      Different forms of meditation
      and the powerful effects of sound therapy
      Please don’t let the words “yoga” and “meditation” scare you away!

      The type of yoga we’ll be doing is very gentle and focused on getting the nervous system to relax. We will NOT be doing power yoga or yoga that’s too fast to follow. The practice will be simple, but effective.

      We’ll explore several forms of meditation. If you’ve found meditation to be difficult, you may be surprised at how much ease and grace the group energy adds to your experience.

      This retreat is suitable to all levels of fitness. The only physical requirement is that you can get up and down off the floor and are comfortable on hands and knees.

      Feel free to email, call, or send me a WhatsApp message with any questions you may have.

      If this resonates with you, I do hope you’ll join us!

      How lucky are we to be able to share this experience in such a beautiful place as Inti Kamari?

      This could bring about the shift you’ve been seeking,


      I’ll see you there!

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