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      Felix Salinas

      King Smokehouse news. We are so happy to let you know we have. . . . .Corned Beef. Our Corned Beef is brined and finished with pepper and sliced just ready for mouth watering sandwiches and more. Add a slice of our Cheddar Cheese and pop on the griddle or pan to gently heat the corned beef and melt the yummy Cheddar. Slide onto your favorite bun or bread (toasted or not) and dig in. Savor that wonderful taste sensation. Like a bit of tang? Just add some of Mountain Home Gourmet/King Smokehouse sauerkraut between the corned beef and the cheese, melt and slide onto your favorite bread. Oh my. Oh YES! We are located just across from beautiful Parque San Sebas. Always, delivery over $25 is gratis so order now or stop by before you miss out on the corned beef and melty cheddar. Here is a list of our other amazingly delicious products:
      Cheddar Cheese (sliced or bulk) $7.50 lb.
      Corned Beef $7 (1/2 pound)
      Bacon $9.00
      Sausage (Mild or Spicy) $5.00 lb
      Chicken Sausage $6 lb
      Bacon Ends & Pieces $5 lb
      Ham hocks $5 lb
      Burgers $8 lb
      Ground beef $6 lb
      Ribs $7.50 lb
      Pulled Pork $8 per pound
      Whole Smoked Chickens $14 each
      Biscuit Mix $3,00 (24 oz)
      Pancake Mix $3.00 (24 oz)
      Cookie Mix $3.00
      Oatmeal/Raisin – Chocolate Chip
      Jolly Ginger -Sugar – Snickerdoodle
      Cornbread Mix $1.50
      Brownie Mix $3.00
      Grits $3.00 per pound
      Sauerkraut $4.00
      Barbecue Sauce $5.00/$2.50

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