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      Para español:

      Based in Vilcabamba, shipping to all of Ecuador! Our webshop is online, welcome to order :

      The best products and the best prices on common household chemicals, our own line of small-batch distilled spirits and natural health products.

      For price list May 2022, go to the end of this post.

      NEWS: We have a slightly used Brown´s Gas machine for the discounted price of $800 for sale. Send a message or call for more info. The new price was $1200.

      We´re expanding our webshop. If you´re a local producer and have something you wanna sell nationally send us a PM and we´ll consider listing your products on our webshop. You need to have a quality product and be able to deliver to us in Vilcabamba within 24h´s consistently. We pay cash-on-delivery. •·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·••·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•
      SKÅL Vodka has its own FB and Instagram pages: Give SKÅL Vodka an honest review:
      We are running a very active WhatsApp group, Gringo Vilcabamba, with free buy/sell/trade. It´s possible to join and advertise as long as you speak English and are willing to follow the simple rules. Invite link:
      Gringos Vilcabama Telegram group:
      La Carreta Telegram group: •·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·••·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•
      Price List April 2022:

      • SKÅL Vodka 750ml – $9

      Our own vodka brand is made by the highest Scandinavian quality standards, from Ecuadorian molasses, and with an Ecuadorian price tag. Triple distilled and double filtered. So smooth it just melts in your mouth. 80 proof / 40%. Many of our clients don’t drink alcohol but use this product to make herbal extracts because of its high purity. The bartender’s favourite.

      • SKÅL Vodka 375ml – $5

      • SKÅL Vodka 750ml case (12 bottles) – $86.40

      • Dynamite Whiskey 40% (80 proof). 750 ml – $12 Andean blended whiskey, made from barley and molasses and aged in US oak. 40%/80 proof. A surprisingly heavy flavour with pronounced uplifting vanilla tones, and a hint of smokiness.

      • Dynamite Whiskey 40% (80 proof). 375 ml – $6.50

      • Dynamite Whiskey 750ml case (12 bottles) – $115.20

      • El Bandido – Ecuadorian Single Malt Whiskey 43%. 750ml – $39

      Made from single malt barley. Aged 3 years in new charred oak barrels made from American oak. Complex flavour and aroma consisting of dried fruits, burned caramel and bready taste notes. A round single malt whiskey that´s been double distilled in copper stills.

      • El Bandido – Ecuadorian Single Malt Whiskey 43%. 375ml – $20

      • Henrik’s Rum 45% (90 proof) 750ml – $13 -COMING SOON!

      A sharp dark rum double distilled and double filtered in the general style of Rhum Agricole. We are using the best panela Malacatos and the Andes have to offer. The quality of the sugar cane gets better the higher up you get in elevation and in this valley we´re blessed to have some of the world´s best sugar cane growing. Thanks to the method of long fermentation and distillation in a copper still and the ageing in French oak it is high in esters, complex flavour compounds that give it a characteristic flavour. Other noteworthy taste notes are sweet caramel and oak. Being the strongest rum produced on the Ecuadorian market at 45%, Henrik’s Rum will warm you up from the inside. Small batch production for the utmost quality control. No additives.

      • Henrik’s Gin 40% (80 proof). 750ml – $13

      Four times distilled and double filtered. A world-class classic London dry gin. Made with imported juniper berries and a mix of our own secret botanicals gives our gin a mild and pleasant citrus character. By request, now with more juniper flavour!

      • Kratom capsules 0.5g/capsule, 20-pack – $10 – COMING SOON!

      A natural painkiller that works, an herbal supplement that can replace the need for opioids. Has anti-anxiety properties and helps the fight against depression. A powerful plant that can be used to detox from opiates, benzodiazepines and alcohol. Great little helper to combat high levels of stress and other psychological issues as well. Testimonial: “After 15 years of dependence on prescription Benzodiazepines, such as: Clonazepam, Tomazepam and Valium, and many unsuccessful withdrawal attempts, kr4t0m finally helped set me free. Some say Benzos can be harder to give up than Heroin. With kr4t0m, Tapering off was fast and easy. In just three weeks, I was back to the real me.” – K. Hinesley

      • Epsom Salt 1kg (2.2lb) – $4.40

      Food Grade, made in Germany. Great for exfoliation of dead skin cells, relief of muscular pain, detoxification. Contains magnesium. We also have clients buying Epsom salt for gardening. Link: 20 surprising uses for Epsom salt:

      • Epsom Salt 25kg (55lb) – $63.90

      • Borax 1kg (2.2lb) – $5

      20 Mule Team brand, made in the USA. Disinfectant, multi-purpose cleaner, non-toxic insecticide, get rid of weeds in your garden and boost the growth of your plants. Natural laundry booster, we have some local lavanderias among our clients for borax. Contains boron which is used for building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination. Link: 27 Handy Uses for Borax You Really Ought To Know…/

      • Borax 25kg (55lb) – $76.50

      • Vitamin C 1kg (2.2lb) – $40 High-quality vitamin C in bulk powder for the best price, in Vilcabamba! You won’t find it this cheap even if you search through all the pharmacies in the country! Technical specification of our vitamin C available at request.

      • Vitamin C 1/2kg (1.1lb) – $25

      • Vitamin C 250g (0.55lb) – $15

      • Diatomaceous Earth 1kg (2.2lb) – $21 100% organic and Food Grade, mined in Mexico. Being high in silica, DE supports the growth of healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. Helps the body to produce collagen. Therefore it’s a great product to use both internally and as a face mask to help fight the fine lines. Use it as a highly effective non-toxic pest control, get rid of cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, slugs, bed bugs and more. Link: 10 reasons to use Diatomaceous Earth in the garden:

      • Diatomaceous Earth 1lb – $11

      • Diatomaceous Earth 10kg (22lb) – $110


      • Himalayan Pink Salt 1kg (2.2lb) – $10 Unprocessed Himalayan pink salt, imported from Pakistan. Fine ground. Guaranteed additive-free and organic. Jam-packed with natural trace minerals essential for your health such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. • Himalayan Pink Salt 1lb – $5

      • Himalayan Pink Salt 10kg (22lb) – $80

      • Lugol’s Iodine 60ml (3fl. oz) 10% solution. – $12

      The most popular form of iodine for wound cleaning and supplementation. Lugol’s Iodine has a high bio-availability. Great price and quality, has a high iodine content. Best deal in town! Only 3 drops daily are needed for supplementation! Since we don’t eat much seafood up here in the mountains many people suffer from iodine deficiency.

      • Granulated Panela 1lb – $1.50

      Made in Malacatos: granulated panela of the highest quality made from pure cane juice. Natural sugar, that has not been chemically processed, has no additives and contains minerals and vitamins. We’ve personally visited the factory to make sure that it’s produced without adding any chemicals. One of the best panelas you´ll ever find in this world.

      • Organic Tabacco 1lb – $16

      Grown without using pesticides. Locally made in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. No additives! If you wanna smoke, this is the kind of tobacco you wanna be smoking.

      • Organic Tabacco 1/2lb – $9

      • Organic Tabacco 50g – $3

      • Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml – $11 Made in Ecuador, grown organically. Highly concentrated. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory. Link: 11 reasons to use Lemongrass Essential Oil: •·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·••·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•·.·´·.·•

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