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      A. Squassabia

      Hello everybody. While considering Cuenca as my possible new home, my make-it-or-break-it requirement is for fast (20 MB/s sec or better), reliable internet. From posts on GringoTree I gathered Cuenca enjoys a few competing ISP (Internet providers) who delivery via DSL (digital subscriber line, i.e. phone line twisted pair copper), Cable TV (coaxial TV-style cable), wireless relay (weird little antenna on the roof), and even fiber optic to the door (the best, if the info is really correct: I am prepared to choose to rent in a part of town that has fiber to the door, if available). Could you please, if you have fiber to the door or an exceptionally good internet connection, volunteer some info on your arrangement, and in which part of town you live? I’ll be in Cuenca on a scouting trip Jan 3 to 16, 2017, and your help would be wonderful! Felix ano nuevo a todos 🙂

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      Fernando Tapia

      In order to help with your survey I have the following comments:
      I have fiver optic to the door service (20MB up & down)
      Provider: PuntoNet (
      Service cost: $40,00 + IVA monthly
      Instalation cost: $80 +IVA only once
      Quality of signal: excelent
      Customer service: Very good
      Contract duration: since 16 sep 2016 with out any problem
      My location: Los Laureles 2-66 y Ordóñez Lasso (Parroquia San Sebastian)
      I hope this information can be useful for you

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      Ted Hoffman

      I have Puntonet fiber optic to the door. I pay almost $80 monthly for 50 mbps (I get between 30 & 50 up and down), it cost $380 for installation (I am the only resident in a 36-apt building with fiber optic). I live on Primero de Mayo near los Tres Puentes. We do have occasional outages that can last up to several hours.

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