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      Anha Purna

      This week, we bring you Kulcha – a bread very similar to the Naan. Our Kulcha this week will be stuffed with onions. Plain kulcha is also available.

      As we are closed on May 28, we are offering an extra entree to tide you over until we return. In addition to our weekly fixed platter (thali) menu, below, we will be offering Butter Chicken/Paneer Makhani in containers of 1/2-liter and 1-liter for $5, and $10 respectively, and bread (onion/plain Kulcha) for $0.75 each. Please indicate your preference on the order form in the comments section. Order window closes at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 18.

      Please also don’t forget to pre-order your samosas for pick up at the Bazaar on May 27! See our facebook page for details.

      Appetizer: Cumin (Jeera) Chicken (boneless) – Vegetarian Option: Cumin-laced Chickpeas, red Kidney Beans, Black-eyed beans medley
      Main: Dum Aloo (baby potatoes in masala gravy)
      Vegetable: Mixed Rice: Coconut
      Bread: Onion Kulcha (like naan, stuffed with onions)
      Raita: Spinach
      Salad: Beet

      Dessert list on website, to purchase separately.

      For details, and to order, please visit our website at
      Like us on facebook at
      Voted “Best Indian Food” by readers of GringoPost.

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