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      Hello, we bought an American’s new house (in Dos Mangas, near Manglaralto and Montanita, an hour north of La Libertad) and almost primarily in the mornings, there are loud light to heavy thumps / snap noises from (my best ascertainment) the roof sections (please see picture.)

      Would this be caused by the wind lifting or shifting the roof sections that may be slightly loose??
      This seems logical — although the same or stronger wind in the PM does not create these noises.

      These strange sounds will wake you —and then not allow you to go back to sleep—- and they only seem to occur before noon—-with or without wind?? With the temp not drastically changing on the coast here, the house settling or warming up, due to temp does not seem to be relevant???

      If you have any ideas or experience with this type of “occurrence” please email Brian (below)…..
      Thank you.

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      Denise Toepel


      You have roof rats..or a neighbor’s cat likes your house at a certain time. I bet dollars to diamonds. Rats are common here.. get a trap.. your noises will be gone.

      Expansion and drying can cause cracking noises, not thumps.

      Good luck.


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