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      Send a piece of Ecuador to your loved ones this holiday season!

      The holidays are just around the corner and Cafe de Ñucallacta will be offering unique Holiday Packages available for purchase that will be shipped directly to the doorstep of your friends and family in the U.S. and Canada.

      We want to ensure that the these are authentic and will be working with the local stores to get the items and create different options.

      We want your suggestions! What would you like to send to your loved ones?

      Please reply or email [email protected] with your suggestions for items you would suggest go in the holiday package:

      a) food items (ex. Nucallacta ground coffee, honey, organic chocolate, jam, etc)
      b) artisan items (ornament, table runner, ceramic piece?)

      Hermano Miguel 5-62 between Honorato Vasquez and Juan Jaramillo

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