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      Mike O’Keefe

      For high quality product and service for those in need of eye glasses try Optica Americana. I was in need of glasses for a very long time and I noticed Optica Americana had glowing posts here in Gringo Tree. So, I decided to give them a try at providing glasses for me. Wow, the company is local 4th generation. Of course, I didn’t have a prescription and they took me in pronto and within a couple of minutes I had picked out a frame and they had all of my data to order a pair of glasses. I was given a time for pick up and I received a call that advised me that the glasses were ready for pickup and it was two days early– so from order to receipt was only 3 days. I hadn’t realized that my eyesight had become so bad and when I put on the glasses it was very cool to see again close and far. Anyway, very nice people who provide a wonderful service here in Cuenca. They are located in town at Bolivar 10-41, telephone 282-2598.

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