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      richard thompson

      I am interested in coming to Cuenca as an expat retiree and came here when I needed dental work since the treatment would save enough to pay for the air fare and bit more. I’ve lost my bilfold coming down, but I did get a reserve debit card for such an eventuality. Trouble is, I forgot to activate it. I also lost my computer and any contact information for this trip was on it as well as a lot of other information I actually need. Anybody that I actually contact gets addressed with autofil. Facebook
      recognized my old computer and just opened to my page.

      I am having trouble making the phone call I need to activate it. It is a toll free international number and I actually got a response that told me that I would need my account number. Since then, several people have tried without success. I went to a bank and they wouldn’t even dial the number for me.

      Does anyone have a number for the embassy. They seem to use facebook or something
      similar that I can’t navigate wo passwords.

      I would be willing to let someone dial the number and help me insert the account info in my presence. I have absolutely no cash, so any solution has to be near my hotel. I just found an inexpensive hotel several blocks N (I think) of city hall.
      richard thompson [email protected]
      Right now I am at the Rosamia Hotel 593 7 2 284 4387
      After Thurs noon I will be at the Orquidia. 7-282-4511

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      Neil M

      You can reach the US Embassy in any of the following ways.

      Emergency Assistance (04) 371-7000
      General Information:
      Routine Inquiries: [email protected]
      American Citizen Services:

      Hope that helps, hopefully your trip starts getting better soon

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