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      There has been numerous reports of more graffiti making it’s way onto Cuenca’s buildings.

      The concern isn’t the graffiti as such, but the possible gang affiliations that can be associated with it.

      There are 2 ways you can help combat this:

      1. Take Photos & Report

      Take photos of the graffiti, record exact location and send to Cuidadana Cuenca.

      Address: Av. General Escandón y Daniel Muñoz, Cuenca

      Phone: (07) 415-0991

      Email: [email protected]

      2. Write a Letter About Your Concerns

      This needs to be in Spanish, addressed to: Magister Matías Abad Merchán, Gobernador del Azuay

      Lodge it in person: 1st floor of Gobernacion del Azuay Building, Parque Calderon

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