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      Alick Inglis

      FNALLY!! (For effete New Yorkers and worldly San Franciscans only.)

      A little cheese boutique has opened up next to the SuperMaxi in the Las Americas Mall (at Ordonez Lasso). The charming young lady (speaks Spanish, English and a bit of French) is importing a selection of European cheeses from (guess where!) EUROPE (!!!).

      First REALLY decent cheese we have found in Cuenca in going on five years.

      Bon Appetit! An ex-European

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      sandy pascale

      Thank God!! I plan to move there next year, so get everyone to patronize the business so it will still be there when I arrive!! Thanks for the information…

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      Marc Dullin

      OMG,Just read your posting!
      Thank you for the great news. On my way there tomorrow. For a retired Frenchman in Cuenca, that has to be the best possible news ever. Merci!

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      Linda Davis

      Is this Bene Placito’s ? If so, I went there for the first time the other day and was impressed. I’ll go back.

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