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      VIP Home Health Care provides professional first response care services
      at your home around the clock. When you press the MedAlert device
      that activates an emergency call the professional medical team
      responds and communicates with you to know what type of
      emergency you have. Immediately our team will be in your home to
      provide the necessary care.


      We have emergency medication and equipment that we carry when there is an emergency and a private ambulance is standing by in case if we need to take you to the hospital. We will have all your medical history and your primary doctor’s information to manage the situation in order to provide the best care for you.

      The MedAlert device works with a SIM card so it can be used anywhere with a good signal. We can get your GPS location in case you need emergency care outside your home. Many people are using the MedAlert in Cuenca and have had emergencies. If you would like to hear the experience you can contact us, we can coordinate that. VIP Home Healthcare is in business for over 5 years and won the best Home Health care by the GringoPost all 5 years. We are medical professionals dedicated to take care of your health and to provide
      competent compassionate care. We also provide medical advocating when you are in the hospital.

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