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      (FAAN) Familia Amor Animal Foundation announced at an Afternoon Tea and Champagne Toast hosted at IdiomArt in Cuenca, Ecuador, a Matching Challenge Grant of $20,000 provided by an anonymous donor to help the organization purchase land for Ecuador’s most modern and sustainable animal shelter. This grant provides an opportunity for the animal welfare group to raise $40,000 by March 15 so they can move the dogs to a safe sanctuary sooner rather than later.

      The way the challenge grant works is that all donations received through March 15 are doubled. This means $25 becomes $50.00, Gift of $100 will become $200, and a generous gift of $1,000 becomes $2,000.

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      FAAN a non-profit in Ecuador and affiliated with a sister 501-(c) (3) Foundation, has been in existence in Ecuador for eight years, and is now housing more than 140 abused, abandoned and neglected dogs.  The organization now faces a dilemma.  

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      Time’s Running Out


      The loan of FAAN’s current shelter in Tarqui expires in 2023.  A group of Ecuadorian and expat volunteers have been working to find the land for the new and permanent shelter and create a strategic plan and budget that includes a focus on sustainability and evidenced-based strategies to improve animal welfare. The cost to purchase the 12 Hectares (approximately 30 acres) in Tarqui is $85,000 with an additional $5,000 required for initial shelter infrastructure. This will complete phase one.  FAAN is dedicated to creating a sustainable and community-based shelter and continuing with their mission to educate, spay/neuter and facilitating a community where all animals are respected and cared for by the collective community.

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      Ecuadorians and North Americans Working Together

      Expat Volunteer Advisory Board Member, Barry Rein notes “This challenge grant represents an incredible opportunity to immediately contract the land and build the core infrastructure for moving our dogs by doubling donations received through March 15.”.   

      Mr. Rein encourages every individual and business to be part of this community wide endeavor to improve animal welfare in our World Heritage City. The Board estimates that by the end of May and if FAAN meet this generous match challenge, we will still require $27,000 by the end of the year to complete phase one.  The good news is we are only required to have a $20,000 deposit to set up the immediate, temporary shelter and begin to move the animals! All donations will be memorialized at the shelter on a placard wall of donor names. Donation of construction materials and volunteer labor is also necessary to complete the project.

      FAAN President Jose Gomez says, “This is a miracle for the dogs of Cuenca made possible by the generosity of animal lovers in our community and around the world.”  There are thousands of abandoned animals in Cuenca and the economic fallout from the pandemic didn’t help.  Mr. Gomez notes that “Cuenca can become known as a city that loves and respects its animals by not only creating a shelter but transforming animal welfare through community education.”

      Come join us to learn about the shelter project, have your donation doubled and/or volunteer with us. Please visit us

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