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      Silvana Spano

      We highly recommend Narcisa Peña´s organic juice
      business. She makes and sells Gerson Therapy type, organic juices
      made from fresh vegetables and apple. She makes them twice a week, by
      the order. As many bottles as you’d like.

      If you are interested in having Narcisa make this super
      healthy juice for you (green blend or red blend) for you,
      please contact me, Silvana, at [email protected]
      and I will pass on the order to her — as well as give you
      details for your pick up.

      Narcisa offers 500 ml bottles (half a liter) at a special
      rate of $5.00 each. This is a pre-paid service. You pick up
      from a central location in downtown Cuenca.

      This service helps you save time and effort in shopping for
      organic vegetables, disinfecting, juicing, bottling and
      cleaning up. Awesome deal, absolutely amazing choice
      for your health and nutrition! No preservatives, additives or
      fillers. Just fresh organic juice.

      Narcisa speaks Spanish only, but I can help translate
      your order. You won’t be disappointed!

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