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      Our Wine Tasting & Tapas event at idiomART has been well received and we actually SOLD OUT within less than 2 days! As a result, we’ve ADDED an ADDITIONAL DATE and that’s starting to fill up too!

      Saturday, October 29
      4:00 – 7:00 pm

      Reservations: [email protected]

      The event is an intimate wine tasting and tapas with local sommelier in training, Alejandro Cambizaca, and chefs Carlos Andrés & Jose Luis Pesantez. They will take you on a delectable journey around the world with 8 wines from different regions and tapas paired to enhance both the experience and the flavors.

      The arts are a way to tantalize the senses and this event is sure to do just that. You will taste wines from France, California, South America, Italy, Australia and Spain. Each wine will be paired with an artfully prepared tapa to bring out the flavors of both the wine and the food. While these complex flavors entice your senses, beautiful live background music will float through the air, bringing your experience to another level.

      Your senses will feast on the flavors, smells, sounds and sights…

      All bottles of wines from the tasting will be available for purchase and Alejandro will also bring some special reserve bottles from the cellar.

      Let’s meet the young men offering this incredible experience…

      Alejandro Cambizaca is the son of the owner and executive chef of Le Petit Jardín. His whole life has been spent experiencing complex and exciting flavors. While his father expresses his art through food, Alejandro has chosen drink as his artistic path. He has been training to be a sommelier for years, learning from various people in such places as Le Petit Jardín, El Mercado, Bistro Yaku.

      Alejandro says that he has always loved the culinary arts. He is an explorer and strives to forge the world around him to allow him to travel and learn the history and passion that wine creates. He seeks to sharpen his senses while continuing his quest for knowledge.

      Alejandro says, “If traveling is anything, it is creating magical moments at all times. Endearing moments… moments to which we want to return, living experiences that mark you for life, expanding your vision of the world, of cultures, of people, where you realize that we are not all as different as they want us to believe.”

      Carlos Andres began his adventure of the palate working at Le Petit Jardín where he started his education in the culinary arts at the age of 17. There he cultivated his own inspiration and passion for creating food that is exquisite in taste and presentation. For him, food is more than physical sustenance, it an artistic journey to be enjoyed from the moment the plate is set on the table until the last bite. After working at Le Petit for many years, he went to Guayaquil where he learned how to play with other ingredients at Golden Prague. There he learned how to run a kitchen and guide others in his quest for culinary greatness. These experiences have led him to branch out on his own and open a restaurant in Cuenca called Prestige. Prestige is an intimate restaurant, catered to people wishing to have a private culinary experience where they can enjoy good company, a great atmosphere, excellent food and a variety of wines. Each meal is prepared with an attention to detail to ensure a culinary adventure that leaves you wanting more.

      Jose Luis Pesantez began his love affair with the culinary arts at a young age when his family said to him, “Come and help us prepare the meal.” That simple gesture awoke an inspiration within him to continue his exploration into the passion of cooking and creating unique experiences with food. He now works side-by-side with Carlos as the sous-chef of Prestige.

      We are creating an intimate atmosphere with this event and have very few spaces available. Please contact us to make your reservations while we still have availability.

      Reservations: [email protected]

      Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estevez de Toral; Cuenca, Ecuador

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