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      CCC Spanish has done it again!  Martha & Fausto have organized yet another incredible cultural road trip, this time to picturesque Biblián! Biblián is nestled in the Andes mountains and is a true treasure. We will learn about their traditions, culture, history, music and food as well as meet the wonderful people and see the incredible scenery. We will learn about the history of the train, known as the “Train to Heaven”, which began construction in 1861 and ended in 1908. The train started at the sea and rose to the heights of the Andes mountains and has been considered to be one of the most difficult tracks to build in the world. Currently, a small family business has emerged called the “Biblián Train”. During this road trip, we will take a trip on this train and relive part of the history of the area, traveling through the tunnels and tracks from the initial train!  As always, the road trip is in Spanish, but there are always folks there who can help if you miss a thing or two.

      Sunday, Aug. 7
      10:00 – 6:00 (ish)
      $50 *includes transportation, guide, meals, train ride

      Reservation: [email protected]

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