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      idiomART’s CCC Spanish Cultural Immersion Program is a wonderful way to learn the language and truly experience the culture of Cuenca, Ecuador.

      Cuenca is a UNESCO world heritage site and has so much to offer… rich culture, vibrant art scene, fun nightlife, National parks, indigenous celebrations, colonial architecture, colorful markets and more! The people are incredible and it’s so much fun to learn Spanish in this environment. You will get the opportunity to live with a local family and truly experience the authentic culture plus you’ll get to know some cool people as well!

      We have fun excursions planned outside the city each weekend so you can really get to know the country and practice your Spanish while doing it! While you’re here you can also give back to the community by participating in one of our volunteer opportunities.

      The program lasts 4 weeks and you will receive intensive Spanish classes, weekend excursions outside the city, and the opportunity to live with a local family. We currently have four volunteer options that have been vetted by the CCC Spanish program directors, Martha Pulla and Fausto Balarezo of Cuenca. In this program you will spend the mornings learning Spanish and the afternoons doing volunteer work or vice-a-versa depending on which volunteer opportunity you choose.

      We realize that not everyone may want to participate as a volunteer and others may not want to stay with a local family. We are open to making some changes. Just let us know what you’re looking for!

      For more information, contact: [email protected]

      idiomART is located at: Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estevez de Toral; Cuenca, Ecuador

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