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      What happened to the bus maps on Gringo Tree? Thank you.

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      Neil M

      Hey Donald,

      When we decided to re-do the website we opted to go without the bus maps. In the previous system we used it required continuous updates and a great deal of man power. It wasn’t in the cards given all of the ongoing changes to the transit system and the need to hire a full time employee just to keep the bus routes in order. Shortly after we came out with our bus route application several other versions came to the scene. My recommendation would be to get in touch with Christopher King who operates the Cuenca Bus Sherpa They have all of the current routes mapped out in print and online.

      Hope that helps!

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      Marc Dullin

      Hello Donald
      Although very confusing you can follow the two links below for bus routes.
      Better yet donwload the user-friendly App Moovit and do a search for Cuenca, the rest is self explanatory.

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