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      Denis Fitzpatrick

      Looking to find individuals who have read any of the authors listed below, and who are willing to converse with their ideas.

      This is done with an eye to forming a contemplative discussion group, centered on existentialism.

      I have recently arrived in Cuenca and, with my wife, we are in the process of retiring here.

      Since my late teens, I have had a seemingly unending interest in the writings of the following individuals :

      T.S. Eliot
      D.T. Suzuki
      Arthur Schopenhauer
      Joseph Campbell
      Fernando Pessoa
      Albert Camus
      Jorge Luis Borges
      Friedrich Nietzsche
      Henri Bergson
      Samuel Beckett

      I have nothing to teach, and I’m not a philosopher… just looking to connect with some like-minded individuals.

      If you WhatsApp me … perhaps we could meet at any of the 1001 cafes here in Cuenca… and go from there !

      Three times in my life, I have created these groups… and they take care of themselves !

      A candle … an opening poem or passage… and the conversation flows !

      No facilitator, no structure … just attentive respect.

      An open mind and a gentle heart are the only requirements…

      Interested ?

      WhatsApp Denis @ +1 (604) 908-4492 (please include the + sign, parentheses, the two spaces and the dash in your contact search. )

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      Juanita Ruth One

      Please keep me notified as things develop. THANKS! Welcome to Cuenca…

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