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      Donna R. Adler

      For those who need quality progressive lenses or computer glasses, they are available in Cuenca. Computer glasses — a progressive no-line multi-focal that corrects near, intermediate vision — have a larger intermediate zone than regular progressive lenses for more comfortable vision at the computer.

      Most of the time I wear regular progressives but for reading, computer work, and sewing computer glasses provide better vision. Some seniors get away with pharmacy ‘reading’ lenses for these tasks, but I need prescription computer glasses.

      Thus, I was delighted that Optica Los Andes has begun offering computer glasses. The cost compared to the U.S. is reasonable: $139.00 for poly-carbonate lenses (my preference) and anti-glare coating; I didn’t need frames. I have been using my computer glasses for a month and they really make a difference.

      All the Optica Los Andes stores offer great customer service, but I go to the Mall Del Rio location (on the 1st floor) because my favorite optometrist, Sr. Jose Luis Aquilera, is at this location. He is well trained, speaks English, provides a superior eye exam, and delivers accurate prescriptions. Initially I went to him because of recommendations I found on GringoTree; now I am a long-term customer

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