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      Eva Radwanski Fox

      Hi to Everybody , and please help

      I am having question about visa in Ecuador .
      I hope someone was in the same situation ,
      and knows the answer .

      I enter Ecuador on 28th of July , 2016
      due to not very happy circumstances (car accident),
      I needed to stay in Ecuador longer than 3 months
      granded at the border at the moment of entry .
      Near to the end of 3 months term , I applied
      for 12 IX type visa , I got it for 6 months , and this visa
      expires on 22/04 /2017 .
      I know we will have to leave a country in April .
      We would like to go Colombia now, leaving Peru for later .
      My question is ; when I am going to have rights to return to
      Ecuador , for the “new” 3 months .
      Am I going to be able to do it in 2017 , after 28th of July ,
      or do I have to wait till the year of 2018 ?
      If it is any immigration lawyer on this forum ,
      I am more than happy to pay consultation fee ,
      for responsible advice .
      I asked already a few people , who should know,
      but nobody is sure about it .
      How on the beginning , I am looking for the chance
      some expat was in the same situation .
      regards eva

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