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      Antonio Chipana

      Along this program you will…
      • … have simulation tests as well as simulations interviews to make you ready for taking Ecuadorian citizenship real test.
      • … get lots of practice with knowledgeable Ecuadorian teachers who use our study booklet (in Spanish and/or English), 300 flashcards and much more!
      • … get to know enough Ecuadorian history (flag, coat of arms and National Anthem) to pass the test.
      • … enjoy and learn the most complete and updated information on test for Ecuadorian citizenship in a meaningful way.
      – We’ll take you to accurate Spanish level for taking real test!
      – Your Spanish language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) will be enhanced in record time!
      – Take the morning session (two hours) or the afternoon session (two hours). Or just take the hours you need based on your knowledge of Spanish, your availability and the date of your test.
      – Classes are given twice, three times a week or every day, Monday thru Friday.
      – You can take this program for four weeks or for four months. It is up to you!
      – This program is exclusively prepared to meet your needs and expectations!!!
      Recommendations from Participants
      “Thanks to attending the language school “CCNations, Escuela de Idiomas” I was able to pass the Ecuador citizenship written and interview exams, and will soon become a naturalized citizen. With their homework materials and instructional classes, my level of Spanish increased to where I could study, learn, and pass these essential subjects: the history of the tri-color Flag (“la bandera”); the Coat-of-Arms Shield (“el escudo”); the National Anthem (“himno nacional”); the important battles, persons and events for gaining Independence; and the primary Presidents of Ecuador. These study materials include bilingual booklets and guides, flash cards, simulation tests (from the official examinations), and multiple practice sessions.

      Classes can be scheduled on flexible hours for individual sessions, or with small groups of other students. Additionally, this private 18-year language school can also help applicants to pass the examinations to obtain a drivers’ license (“Licencia de Conducir”). This is one of the top language schools I have ever attended!”

      Recommended by Bartley

      “My success in passing the test on my first attempt was primarily due to CCNations, their time, efforts and patience in guiding me towards success. I really couldn’t have done so well without them. For this reason, I highly recommend this school to anyone who needs help with Spanish in any capacity.”


      You want to study by yourself? No problem! Now, you can buy all our material…

      1. A study booklet (in Spanish and/or in English),
      2. 10 20-question-practice tests with answer key.
      3. Audio of 17 interview questions (male and female voices).

      Contact us today and find out more about when to take your FREE test, how to enroll in our citizenship program and/or how to get our material.

      [email protected]

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