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      Colombian singer, Urpi Barco is in Cuenca for a very short time and is offering a one-day “Circle Song” workshop at idiomART this week!

      Explore the power of your voice through collective singing exercises and vocal improvisation. This workshop is going to be so much fun and, with the acoustics in our new place, it should be powerful indeed!

      Thursday, July 14; 2:00 – 4:00 pm
      ONLY $20!
      Register at: [email protected]

      The voice was the first instrument of the primitive human. This powerful instrument has given life to ceremonial, religious and everyday song to connect us with our community and customs. Song is a keeper of emotions and the ample range of melodies and their contextual tones are but rhythmic and methodic improvisations that create a mood and tell stories.

      Urpi is one of Colombia’s most beloved and versatile singers. She has played music at several international jazz festivals and even traveled to New York to learn vocal improvisation from some of the greats, including Bobby McFerrin! Here is a link to her website so you can hear for yourself!


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