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      This December 17, we’ll go to the community of Punta Hacienda in Quingeo to share with them a Christmas party and to bring them support for their orchards.
      Punta Hacienda community is mostly dedicated to agriculture and poultry farming. But after Covid-19 emergency, many of them lost their jobs and have not been able to recover until now. Punta Hacienda is made up of 300 families including older adults, single mothers, children, youth, people with disabilities and with a high rate of alcoholism; who cannot receive continuous help due to their geographical location and difficult access to it.

      Our objective is to support these families with the implementation and improvement of their orchards and corrals, allowing them to generate their own income and thus improve their quality of life.

      And to bring joy and happiness to the 250 kids from this community with a Christmas party for them.


      How can you help? Your donations would allow this project to be realized.

      We need:

      –        250 candy bags for the kids

      –        Toys

      –        Hot dogs or pizzas for the kids

      –        10 piñatas (with candy included)

      –        Vegetable seeds

      –        Fertilizer

      –        Material for building fences

      –        Non- perishable food


      You can bring your donations for this wonderful campaign to our offices at Chimborazo L13 & Esmeraldas, behind Estadio La Gloria.
      Or if you want to support us on any other way, contact us at [email protected] or 0983340951

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