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      Barbara Schirmer

      While visiting Ecuador in February and March, my travel companion and I were in dire need of some bodywork for various aches and pains. We found a referral here on Gringo Tree for Doctor Mike Pettella and his wife Jing. Fortunately they were not too far from our apartment and we just showed up at their door one afternoon, hoping to get an appointment. Jing came to the door and after a brief conversation we learned that she was fully booked for massages through the end of the month, which would be after we were gone, but we must have looked pretty pathetic, and she agreed to squeeze me in on her day off for a much needed massage. My friend was able to get in for an appointment with Dr. Mike and after a few visits we were both moving better and enjoying our time in Ecuador much more. Jing is one of the very best masseuses that I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable and gave me great information about what was going on with my hip and shoulder and recommended exercises for me to do in between visits. She uses a very slow and deep massage technique which gets right to the heart of the problem very quickly. I wish I could have bottled her and taken her home with me! She is that good… and her prices are less than half of what you would pay in the states for an hour of massage. Dr. Mike is also a very skilled chiropractic practitioner. Both my friend and I had great adjustments with him.. quick and effective! If you are searching for a top rate chiropractor, this is the place to go. You should probably call… and not just show up at the door like we did. 0995779533 for cell or [email protected]

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