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      Hello ! Does someone know the requirements for a foreigner to invest in a business here in Ecuador?

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      Neil M

      I’m not sure of the specific requirements in 2016-2017 as things change regularly but here is some information for you to consider. You can work on any of the visas mentioned I mention below but I think the 9-IV is what you are looking for. If you have doubts its always best to get in touch with a visa facilitator, even if it’s just to ask some preliminary questions. Gringo Visas ( and Ecuador Visas and Containers ( are both reliable sources for up-to-date information

      9-I: Pensioner Visa

      This visa is intended for retired persons who receive pensions from their native countries (pension from a stable source, at least $800 per month). Also for an annuity recipient or trustee who will live on cash deposited in the Central Bank of Ecuador or on income from a trust. In the case of a deposit or trust, the amount must be that which would result by multiplying the monthly minimum over a period of five years. This amount may vary from $800 monthly and will be determined by the Immigration Advisory Board.

      9-II: Investor of Real Estate or Securities Visa

      This is for real estate and securities investors who are investing at least $25,000.

      9-III: Industrial Investor Visa

      For investors in industry or investors who wish to export agricultural products, livestock, or minerals, provided they bring capital the equivalent of at least $30,000.

      9-IV: Legal Representative, Work Visa, or Religious Visa

      Intended for foreign local agents who possess unlimited power of attorney to represent a company in Ecuador, provided that 80% of the company’s local personnel are Ecuadorian. Also technicians or technical experts under indefinite work contract with a company established in Ecuador, and members of religious organizations. (An indefinite work contract is one that does not have a specified term.)

      9-V: Professional Visa

      For professionals with university degrees recognized by a national university who wish to practice their profession in Ecuador. Should the applicant’s profession not exist in Ecuador, the degree must be locally certified. The applicant must also fulfill the Ecuadorian requirements for such practice, such as bar exams, etc.

      9-VI: Economic Dependence Visa

      This is for individuals economically dependent on a spouse or a blood-related family member with an approved immigration visa.

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