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      Abg. Silvana Garcia

      Be above the law. Get clarity on your legal issue with attorneys Silvana Garcia working in partnership with Milena Torres

      Penal, civil law, transit law and family law.

      Why you should work with Silvana:

      1. Lots of experience dealing with those from foreign cultures.
      2. Speaks English.
      3. High level of integrity and professional accountability, quick to respond and will go the extra mile.
      4. Always speaks the truth, transparency is her mantra.
      5. Experience in mediation and negotiation with a confident and measured approach to conflict resolution.
      6. Gets people out of prison on bail
      Also can meet in El Centro or in Azogues.

      Office address: Calle el Ejecutivo behind Panadería el Horno (Vía a Ricaurte).


      Calle el Ejecutivo behind Panadería el Horno (Vía a Ricaurte), Cuenca..

      [email protected]

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