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      Bob Kezer

      WARNING: Please pass on to anyone who has bought shrub.

      Some of the older bottles of shrub are bursting with enough force to hurt someone next to them. This has happened with both opened and unopened bottles. The reason is the structural integrity of the bottles was weakened during the sanitation process.


      Please help me get these bottles out of circulation.

      There is no way to know for sure which bottles will burst, so the goal is to remove the possibility of it happening by getting rid of all of the old bottles.

      Please IMMEDIATELY put any shrub you have that came in a clear bottle into another container, and discard the bottle. Do not reuse it. This goes for both unopened bottles AND for those opened and partially used.

      The only exceptions to this request are the shrubs in the newer amber colored bottles.

      There is no problem with the shrub itself. Please continue to enjoy it in your favorite meals and cocktails.

      For those who would like a refund, I will gladly accommodate you whether your bottle broke or not.

      For a refund, please contact me directly through the email below. Please keep and enjoy the shrub for the inconvenience incurred.

      My friends, we’ve hit a wobble. The first goal is to get these bottles out of circulation and ensure no one else is inconvenienced by them breaking.

      With your help we’ll get through this and come back better than ever (even if a little saddle sore from the journey!)

      Thank you for your support.

      Robert Kezer, PhD
      [email protected]
      Bonobo Bob’s: Tribu de Amor (formerly Sharon’s Alaskan Style)
      ~One Race, One World, One Future~

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