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      Felix Salinas

      Felix has something perfect for all of you with air fryers.  Bacon cut specially to fit YOUR air fryer.  Think perfect slices of King Smokehouse cut to the perfect size to make the best air fryer bacon ever.  No more having to cut bacon slices or crimping up a long slice to fit.  These precut slices are the ideal size and thickness to ensure the ultimate bacon experience.  Think of a delicious, BLT with slices cooked to perfection AND the ideal length.  What’s not to love? This tasty treat is vacuum packed in convenient ½ pound packages and are available at the super price of $6.50 per pack.  Stop by the Tienda Gourmet (home of King Smokehouse, Mountain Home Gourmet, and The Cuenca Shop)-a tiny space chock full of gourmet surprises from bacon to brownie mix to booze and everything in between.  We are located just across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. +593969047724 [email protected]


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