Forums Community Announcements A million thanks to Expats everywhere from Attorney Sara Chaca! Sadly, “Gringo Post” hasn’t posted my “Thank you note”.

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      Sending my deepest appreciation to all Expats across Ecuador who voted my office and I as both the “Best Attorney for 2022” and as the “Best Visa Facilitator for 2022”. Really truly, I never possibly imagined winning 2 separate award categories on Gringo Post, at least most definitely not in the same year as has now occurred!

      The Expat community never ceases to amaze me with its incredible level of assistance, care and support, as it’s truly a blessing to share my days and nights (even holidays, weekends plus vacations) with you finest of folks in Ecuador.

      I most humbly send Expats everywhere my sincerest thanks, plus pledge to continue earning the privilege to respectfully serve each of you with the very best that I can ahead!

      Much love to all,
      Attorney Sara Chaca

      Contact Information:

      Attorney Sara Chaca – “Ecuador Visas”

      Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel, Cuenca, Ecuador 010101


      Email Address: [email protected]

      Phone Number: 099-296-2065

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