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      Hello! My husband and I will be staying in Cuenca for a couple of months with our two girls, ages 1 and 4. We’re arriving in mid August and plan to stay for 2-2.5 months to study Spanish, sightsee, and be culturally immersed. We’d like the kids to have an immersion experience but aren’t sure how receptive preschools and Day cares would be to this. One alternative would be to find a part time nanny and then take a fun little dance/music/soccer class to make some play friends.Any thoughts or experiences would be welcome. Thanks!

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      I may have the perfect nanny for you. Doris is a 25 year old Ecuadorian girl. She has been my caregiver for over a year, but I am much better now and don’t need her as often. She is always prompt, always has a smile on her face and is very trustworthy. She, however, doesn’t speak English, if that is a requirement for the position. If that is not a problem, contact me on my magicJack at 310-742-4618.

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