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      // 1,000 Facebook Group Members – Here’s a Yapa //

      Our Cuenca Yapas & Friends Facebook Group just hit a big milestone of 1K group members! This group has quickly become one of the most useful for current and future expats in Cuenca. Thank you for helping to make this happen. We’re humbled by your continued support.

      As a little thank you (or yapa), we’re giving away copies of a book written by a Cuenca-based Author, Paul Anthony.

      To receive a copy:

      1. Join the Cuenca Yapas & Friends FB Group
      2. Comment on the giveaway post with “I’d like a copy please” or similar.
      3. Please consider providing an authentic review on Amazon (after you’ve read it). This will help the author.


      His Mother’s Son : Memoirs of an Accidental Man chronicles the first sixty years of author Paul Anthony’s life, from his birth into a dysfunctional family to his forgiveness of his parents and himself for their pathological relationship. Along the way he describes the experiences that helped him overcome the mental, physical, psychological, and emotional difficulties that resulted from a deep-seated feeling of rejection and abandonment. Foremost among these was a profound love of the natural world, which over time he explored as a backpacker, mountaineer, rock climber, and sailor.
      Always a student of himself, the theme of self-examination and discovery is another central thread that is woven throughout his travels, work, reading, artistic pursuits, dream analysis, and romantic relations. But it is not until he returns to the place he was born and raised that he appreciates the true nature of his affliction, as well as the need to free himself from the influence of his mother in order to escape his past and move on in the present.

      Her death provides the impetus to review both his own life and hers in an effort to lay to rest a lifetime of pain, loss, and estrangement. As he composes this memoir he finds that the process itself holds the key to redeem his accidental life for an authentic one.

      What they’re saying:

      “I was gripped from the first page, intrigued by the concept of an ‘accidental man’. But Paul’s mountain climbing and his glorious descriptions truly captured my heart.”

      “When Paul describes his mountain climbing years, I was enthralled. The descriptions are among the most beautiful I have ever read.”

      “His writing is extraordinary, and I felt time suspend as I read the radiant passages.”

      We’ve 20 copies to give away. First come, first served 🙂

      His Mothers Son Paul Anthony
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