Experiencing The Extraordinary In Cuenca

Making something ordinary, extraordinary is no easy feat. It takes years of practice and an extensive journey to accomplish what some call magical. Juan Estrella includes his audience in his journey towards becoming a magician every other Thursday night at his restaurant, Cuchara Magica. This magic show has something for all ages and all lifestyles. Juan takes us through a journey of first learning cards tricks, later the slight of hand, then the thrilling side-show scene and finally a disappearing act that will thrill all of your senses.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his tricks the other night. He doesn’t hide away by being a quick thrill. He will actually repeat his tricks for you slowly, so that you can track all the motions and all the cards. Yet STILL, your eyes will deceive you. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that it’s simply a show of wonderment, storytelling, comedy and excitement. Who could ask for more?


In this intimate 40-person performance Juan Estrella transforms his restaurant, Cuchara Magica, into a lovely and private theatre. He offers performances in Spanish and in English. The performance is $10 per person, but not only does that include the performance, NO! It also includes free wine… And from what I saw the other night, there wasn’t much of a limit to that. The show that lasts just over an hour is an unbeatable Thursday night outing. Although the restaurant will, sadly, be closing until October due to Tranvia construction, the magic of Thursday nights will go on.

To get tickets to the next magic show you can reserve your seats by calling 0989855505 or by emailing Juan directly at [email protected] The tickets will be sold at Raymipampa Restaurant , next to the cathedral. Shows will run twice a month, the first Thursday of the month in Spanish and third Thursday in English.

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